Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?
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Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

Want to live longer, feel better, and more energetic? Then exercise.


We must have heard that a healthy life must include regular exercise but in the journey of earning and enjoying we forget to exercise and work out but exercise is important for health.

We spend our whole day in the office or shops. If a person is doing physical work to earn then that is not an exercise. 

Exercise means to make our body healthy and strong. Exercise imparts strength and beauty to all parts of the body.

It is as important as food is. We will discuss the benefits of exercise, types of exercises, conditions for good results of exercise, and exercises for women.


Benefits of Exercise


1.    Exercise balances weight:

Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

Regular exercise balances the weight of the body. It helps to gain weight when the body is underweight and also loses weight when the body is overweight. 

Some people do not have time to go to the gym or any place to exercise. It is not necessary to go to a gym. You can do exercise at your home in an open area, You can do walking, running, jumping, skipping and many others. 

Only 45 minutes of daily workout is enough to maintain our body. By doing exercise, our muscles of the body heal themselves when we take rest but that also depends upon the diet we are taking. 

If we are not taking a good and healthy diet there is no benefit of exercise. A good and healthy diet does not mean a large quantity of food. 

It means required and quality food for the body. So, always take a healthy diet which includes protein, not fat, no oily, vitamins, etc.


2.    Exercise boosts energy and stamina:

Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

In the beginning 7 days, we will feel fatigued while exercising and we think that we are losing our energy and getting weak but with time it increases the energy and stamina of our body. It strengthens our body.


3.    It lowers the risk of diseases:

We can see that a high percentage of people are suffering from diseases today. 

Exercise is an easy way to reduce the risk of diseases. Do you know how? 

Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

Diseases come from toxins in our bodies. When we do exercise, the blood circulation of our body increases, and the rate of our breath increases. 

During this process, it generates heat and expels toxins in the form of sweat and breath. People who are doing regular exercise are at low risk from major diseases like:

  • Heart disease and Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Types of Cancer
  • Hip Fracture
  • Depression
  • Dementia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Anxiety
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Falls


4. Looks younger than the actual age:

Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

We think that regular exercise is time-consuming and does not feel that it is important but our body will thank us later. How?

As people get older, the bones start getting weak and the body becomes stiff. When the body becomes weak from inside, it shows outside physically in the form of dry and rough skin, wrinkles, joint pain, no flexibility, etc and we lose our confidence and start hating ourselves but we can overcome this by doing exercises at a younger age like weight lifting, brisk walking, running, cycling, and jumping as it keeps our bone strong.


5. Exercise refreshes our soul and mind:

Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

We feel happier while exercising. Do you know the reason why?

When we exercise, it releases hormones like endorphins. It pushes away negative feelings and increases the positive ones. Thus, refreshes our mind.

So, for people who are suffering from anxiety and depression, regular exercise is best to make themselves stress-free and happier.


6. Exercise improves the quality of sleep:

Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

Exercise helps us to sleep faster and for a long period because our body and mind need rest after a good workout to heal themselves. 

Food is used to heal our muscles of our body when we take rest or go to sleep after exercising and taking a good diet. That’s why the trainer of the gym gives us a diet chart to follow because that food strengthens, increases the energy and stamina of our body.


Types of Exercises


There are some types of exercises which we do in the form of playing sports or other activities which we do regularly. They are: 



Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

It is one of the best exercises which can be done by children, youngsters, old age people, women, and sick people. There is no harm by walking. It is also a mental exercise. You can think creatively while walking.

It helps to maintain the body physically as well as mentally. Walking in the morning in the fresh air is the best. Reasons why people say workout in the morning is :

  • Few people wake up in the morning.
  • Less pollution, so the air is fresh and it is good for our body.
  • Good start to the day. Physical activity in the morning outside helps to charge the body for the entire day physically and also mentally by getting in touch with nature.



Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

It is the best exercise for children and youngsters as all the parts of the body are exercises and helps in the growth of the body and improves it. 

If a person is too thin and weak then swimming will help him to gain weight and become strong. If a person is a fat then it will help to lose weight and becomes slim. 

Therefore, it manages the weight of the body but to learn swimming someone should be there to teach you. So, learn swimming under the proper guidance. Also, it is good for the chest, arms, and legs. 




Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

It is good for the waist and spinal column. Push-ups exercise the muscles of the hands, chest, neck, and backbone. 




Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

All parts of the body are exercised. Mental exercise is also done as the brain is also used in wrestling.



It is traditional equipment for exercise used in ancient times and maybe today by some people. It is made up of wood of different sizes and different weights. 

Two mugdars are lifted by both the hands and it is held in front. Then one mugdar is swung around and brought in the front. Similarly, another mugdar is swung. This is done several times, depends upon the strength of the person.


Horse Riding


Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

One of the most enjoyable exercises. It increases the blood circulation of the body and gives good exercise to the thighs.




Running exercise

It strengthens the lungs as well as the legs. While running, the heart pumps fast and increases the blood circulation of the body. It is good to lower the risk of heart diseases.




Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

Games which include physical exercise like Kabaddi, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, etc gives pleasure as well as exercise to the body. 

If a person does not like to do a workout every day, it is good to choose a game they like and start playing that because this is also a type of exercise.




Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

Working in gardens is also an exercise like digging in the garden, pouring water into the plants. 

It is good for both humans and nature. By doing gardening, exercise will be done as well as it will beautify nature and improve the environment.




Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

It is entertainment as well as exercise only if it is done regularly and not occasionally.

It depends on the dance which parts of the body are exercised like in Kathak dance, eyes are also exercised. There are many types of dance especially for a workout like Aerobics, Zumba, etc. Dancing will improve the flexibility of the body.



Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

It is also an exercise if we sing regularly. It is good for the stomach and lungs. Those who sing will not suffer from lung diseases. It will also improve your singing skills.



Ju-Jutsu is a Japanese way of wrestling. It is good for building up the body and it is said that one gains strength in 6 weeks as compared to people who gain in one year by doing other exercises.


Parallel Bars

Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

By exercises on a parallel bar, the upper part of the body becomes strengthened like the waist, chest, arms, shoulders, and neck. 

Firstly, one should hold both the bars and lift the body on the arms by keeping the body straight and both legs joined together. On a parallel bar, we can do various positions.


Some forms of exercise are as follows:

1. Exercise with the help of instruments like the use of dumbells.

2. Exercise in which only physical movement takes place, like Burpees and no use of instruments.

3. Exercise like Kabaddi requires many people.

4. Exercise for a specific part of the body.

5. Exercise only for women like to remove the defect in the womb.

6. Only grown-ups can do these exercises and are not meant for children like weight lifting.


Conditions For Good Results of Exercise

There are certain conditions which should be kept in mind always whenever you exercise to get the best results. Only waking up in the morning and exercising is not enough. There is always a right way to do something to get it done perfectly. Similarly, there are conditions to do exercise in the right way and get the best results from it.

Conditions for good results:

1. Exercise in a room or hall is not much beneficial even with expensive instruments as a simple exercise in the open field. It should be done in an open place where there is fresh air.

Why Exercise Is Important For Health and types of exercise?

2. Those who exercise should take simple food which can be easily digested. Taking too much food or hard-to-digest foods can create constipation and then piles, gout, etc. 

The main reason for obesity these days is that people eat too much or they take more fast foods. Eat according to the requirement of the body. Someone said that we should eat 75% of what we think we want to eat. 

3. Always wipe the body with a wet towel and take a bath after the breath becomes normalized.

4. Always do the exercise regularly. It is a very bad habit to start the exercise with enthusiasm but not continuing it and give it up. This is even harmful. 

We all know that in the starting days we will feel tired but doing it regularly increases stamina and energy. So, please don’t give it up if you have started it.

5. Advisable to learn from an expert in the beginning so that the exercise can be done properly.

Other Conditions:

  • Always do the exercise within the limit. Doing an excess workout, in the beginning, is not good for the health. Start with the short period of workout and gradually increase it day by day.
  • It is said that it is beneficial if any part of the body is exercised for 5 minutes and it is tired if more than 5 minutes. It is done only till the body feels refreshed.
  • Do not eat just after doing exercise, wait for at least half an hour. We should do it 3 hours later after having a meal.
  • In the early morning, we should do exercise. People do it in the evening as well but to get the best results, early morning is advisable as it fulfills fresh air in your body.
  • Breathe from the nose while exercising.
  • Do not take mental work immediately after exercise. Rest for some time.
  • Always massage your body after exercise to get the best results.

Some exercises for women:

The body of women is very different from the body of men. The muscles of the body of men are harder as compared to women.

Some exercises are beneficial for men but not for women and that’s why exercise for women should be relatively easier. 

There was a time when women didn’t need to do exercise because their household work like fetching water from the well or river, grinding wheat or flour, etc was sufficient to keep them healthy. Even now women in villages doing the same work and they are healthy. 

But it is not possible for women who are living in cities and going for work. Also, women go every month through periods that decrease the strength, energy, stamina of their body during that time. There are certain problems during periods which some women go through every month. 

Below are some exercises which are beneficial and easier for women:

1. Sit on the ground. Put your hands behind and open your legs in front. Now with the help of hands, lift the body by tilting your head behind and breathing in. Bring back the body by breathing out. Do this 4 to 11 times.

2. Lie down on the back of a yoga mat. Raise your knees while keeping your feet on the mat. Now lift the upper body and bring it back. When you lift the body, breathe in, and when you bring it back, breathe out. Do this 5 to 15 times.

3. Lie down on the back. Lift the right leg straight and raise as high and straight as possible. Hold for 30 minutes. Then bring it back slowly. Do the same with the left leg. Make sure that when you raise your leg, you breathe in and when you bring it back, you breathe out. You can do this several times depending on your strength. 

4. Walk in the morning or evening in fresh air for up to 3-4 km daily. I would recommend it in the morning as it is the best time to refresh your mind and charge your body for the whole day.


Not only exercise is important to live a healthy lifestyle, but your diet also. Eating unhealthy food and exercising regularly is of no benefit. Exercising as well as a balanced diet is important for us to remain healthy. 


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