Health Issues: Their Causes and Their Treatment By Juices

Health Issues: Their Causes and Their Treatment By Juices

Nothing happens in the world without a cause. If a person is falling ill or have health issues, there must be a cause. 

Astrologers say the cause of the health issues is the position of planets. People who believe in black magic say that some evil spirit is the cause of health issues. Doctors blame viruses or germs for all the diseases. Vaidyas say the cause of the health issues is the flaring up of three substances always present in the body- vatta, pitta, and Kapha. 

health issues

But the theory of nature is different from all. They neither blame the position of planets nor evils nor germs and viruses to be the cause of health issues. The patient himself is the cause of diseases.

We will discuss :

Causes of health issues

Treatment of health issues by juices

Mental Illness- Also a Health Issue

Causes of Mental Illness

How to stop Mental Illness


Causes of Health Issues:


1. Unnatural Way of Living

Living artificially is the cause of health issues. Indiscipline and bad conduct are in reality the root of all diseases. If we start living a natural life, we can overcome innumerable diseases which are afflicting mankind.

There are some of the bad habits we have are as follows:

(a) Bad habits in regards to food:

eating habit

We do not care that the food is healthy or unhealthy, we just want tasty food. That’s how we eat every day. There are certain bad habits regarding food which we do and they are:

  • Eating fast food or unhealthy food: Food which contains maida, oil, spices, etc.
  • No fixed time to eat: Whenever we are free or see tasty food, we just eat which is not good for the health. There should be only three meals in a day.
  • Overeating: It is also a bad habit. Some people continue eating even if their stomach is full just because the food is tasty or don’t want to waste it.
  • Having a heavy dinner: The biggest meal should be breakfast, then the required quantity in lunch, and then the smallest meal should be dinner.

There is an old saying: “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince; dinner like a pauper.

(b) Laziness:


This is the most common habit which many people follow. Due to work from home and lockdown during covid-19, laziness in people has increased. What lazy people do?

They do not wake up early, do not work out or any exercise to keep themselves fit, do not eat on time, etc. This habit not only affects the health of a person but also his/her career and future.

(c) Bad thoughts:

I have seen that people really overthink nowadays and not even positively, they have bad thoughts or they think and see the negative side of everything.

Focusing only on the problem leads to depression and then taking the wrong step. You know whenever you are in a problem, focus on the solution, not the problem.

Learn to focus on what will give you results because wasting time in thinking and getting depressed is also a problem. You can get mentally ill. Focus 20 % on your problems and 80% on solutions.

Be optimist. Think positive and see every positive side of everything. You can make the world beautiful by just looking at the positive side.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change.


2. Toxins creates health issues

Another cause of health issues is the presence of toxins in our bodies. Our body expels these toxins from our body through breath, sweat, stool, urine, mucus which comes from our nose and lungs, through wax that comes out from our ears, through our hair and nails, and in women also through their monthly periods. 

When these toxins are not completely expelled from our body and remain inside, it gives rise to diseases after some time.

Diseases like headache, stomach, fever, pain in the body, loose motions, etc. are all signs of the presence of toxins in the body.

When there is a movement of these toxins, it causes heat in the blood. This condition is called fever. 

To remove toxins from the body, it is very important to Exercise daily and take Balanced Diet.


3. Lack of Strength

Lack of strength

The strength of people is decreasing nowadays because of unhealthy food and laziness. Lacking strength is another cause of health issues.

The reason behind this is that the body of a weak person is unable to expel the toxins which accumulate in the body.

When the toxins in the body are increased, the person becomes irritable and loses beauty. The person is always afflicted by one or another health issues.

There are certain reasons for lacking strength. They are:

  • To do work beyond one’s capacity
  • Too much worry.
  • Take medicine for every health issue that is not natural also decreases the strength of a person.
  • To do work at night.

4. Hereditary

This is the law of nature that if the parents are weak or suffering from any disease, their children are also weak and might suffer from the same disease. But even in this condition, the main cause of health issues is toxins present in their body.

5. Wrong Treatment also create health issues

Wrong treatment also create health issues

A wrong treatment given to a person is also a cause of health issues or disease. For example, give very strong medicines to a person which introduce a poison to the body. This increases the amount of poison in the body and the situation becomes more critical. Another example of wrong treatment is to give a poisonous injection to a healthy person to protect him from cholera.


Treatment of Health issues by Juices

Treatment of health issues by juices

Treatment of health issues from juices was very common ages ago. People believed to cure themselves with home remedies instead of taking medicines. 

Almost all the health issues can get resolved by juices. Wondering! how do they work? Let’s see.

 The waste matter accumulated in the body gets eliminated by taking juices as it increases the cleansing capacity of the organs like lungs, liver, kidney, and skin. It rejuvenates and detoxifies the body and one feels energetic as well as hydrated.

The easiest way to restore health because all you need to do is just blend some fruits and vegetables and have them. I would suggest using a non-electric juicer to get the maximum benefits from fruits and vegetables.

You cannot take any juice to cure every health issue because every fruits and vegetable are not good to cure all diseases.

The following is the list of health issues and the juices which should be taken to cure them.

  1. Insomnia: Juice of grape, apple, carrot, and spinach, onion juice with honey.
  2. Acidity: Juice of mosambi, apple, orange, grape, radish, watermelon, carrot with cabbage.
  3. Ulcer: Juice of cucumber, carrot, bottle gourd, cabbage, wheatgrass juice, coconut water.
  4. High Blood Pressure: Juice of pomegranate, orange, tomato, papaya, lemon, garlic, sugar beet, wheatgrass juice.
  5. Constipation: Juice of orange, mosambi, apple, Emblica myrobalan, (bael water + honey), beetroot, carrot, sugar cane, cucumber, bottle gourd, radish, spinach.
  6. Cough: Juice of apple, carrot, pomegranate, radish, (onion + honey), (garlic + honey), (ginger + honey + lemon).
  7. Gas trouble: Juice of apple, bitter gourd, papaya, (garlic + 3 spoon water), (radish + radish leaves), (ginger + lemon + honey + water).
  8. Cancer: Juice of apple, grapes, carrot, wheatgrass, sugar beet.
  9. Pregnancy: Juice of pomegranate, mosambi, tomato, carrot, orange, sugar beet, spinach is good to keep yourself healthy in pregnancy.
  10. Rheumatism: Juice of garlic, apple, fenugreek leaves, (radish + ginger + cabbage), (ginger + lemon + honey).
  11. Skin diseases: Juice of apple, carrot, sugar beet, lemon, watermelon, bitter gourd, cabbage, cucumber, tomato, kulfi, amaranthus, radish, spinach.
  12. Fever: Juice of orange, pomegranate, mosambi, lemon.
  13. Cold: Juice of apple, orange, pomegranate, mosambi, (ginger + lemon + honey).
  14. Asthma: Juice of apple, grapes, pomegranate, carrot, lemon, papaya, radish, bitter gourd, sugar beet, (ginger + lemon + honey), (Emblica myrobalan + honey), (garlic + honey).
  15. Dental Trouble: Juice of orange, guava, apple, lemon, cucumber, Emblica myrobalan, radish, carrot, tomato.
  16. Dysentery: Juice of apple, pineapple, sugar beet, bael.
  17. Eye Disease: Juice of papaya, radish, tomato, carrot, (mango + milk + honey), fresh coriander, amaranthus, spinach, (Emblica myrobalan + honey).
  18. Low Blood Pressure : (carrot + honey), (mosambi + honey)
  19. Stone: Juice of apple, radish, cucumber, sugar beet, sugarcane, Tricho Santhes Lociniosa, cabbage, bitter gourd, coconut water.
  20. Jaundice: Juice of apple, pomegranate, grapes, sugarcane, mosambi, bitter gourd, ( radish + radish leaves).
  21. Urine Trouble: Coconut water, lemon, watermelon, cucumber, carrot.
  22. Pollution Safer: Bukhara plum, Emblica myrobalan, lemon.
  23. Sterility: Juice of apple, tomato, carrot, spinach, wheatgrass juice.
  24. Piles: Juice of ash gourd, papaya, pomegranate, bitter gourd, radish, fenugreek, bael, tomato, sugar beet.
  25. Obesity: Orange, watermelon, cucumber, tomato, radish, mosambi, ( lemon + hot water + honey).
  26. Anemia: Juice of carrot, cucumber, tomato, radish, spinach.
  27. Baby Growth: Juice of mosambi, pineapple, pomegranate, orange is good for the growth of the baby.
  28. Wine Prohibition: Juice of apple, grapes, orange.
  29. Heart Disease: Juice of orange, grapes, apple, pomegranate, papaya, pineapple, pear, carrot, (onion + honey), (lemon + garlic + honey), coconut water.
  30. Tuberculosis (T.B.) : Juice of Carrot, (garlic + honey), (onion + honey).
  31. Diabetes: Juice of pomegranate, ash gourd, bitter gourd, orange, spinach, tomato, carrot, cucumber, radish, Emblica myrobalan.
  32. Pimples: Juice of Papaya, watermelon, carrot, cucumber, spinach, radish.


There are Some Important Points to Remember:

  1. You can take any of the above drinks daily according to your health issues.
  2. Juices should be consumed immediately.
  3. One can take 200 to 300 ml of juice at a time. For children, 100 to 200 ml.
  4. Juice of ginger, onion, and lemon should not be taken more than 10 to 20 ml.
  5. Garlic juice should not be taken more than 5 to 10 ml.
  6. Juice of bitter gourd and Emblica should not be taken more than 25 to 75 ml.
  7. Honey should be taken from 10 to 40 gms. For children, the quantity is half of it.

If Juice treatment is not possible, one can benefit himself by taking raw fruits and vegetables.


Mental Illness- Also a Health Issue

Mental Illness- also a health issue

The person becomes ill if the willpower of person is not strong. Only staying physically strong is not the thing we have to focus on. Mentally strong is more important.

A person has to be strong mentally before becoming strong physically. Moreover, mental illness is more dangerous than physical illness.

Some of the mental illnesses are hostility, temptation, worry, laziness, hopelessness, hatred, fear, jealousy, sexuality, lack of knowledge, lack of faith, selfishness, egoism, etc.

Causes of Mental Illness

  • Mental illnesses can also be caused by a bad environment from the very childhood, a depressing atmosphere, physical ailments, etc.
  • Too much work causes mental strain.
  • If parents do not give enough support, love, and affection to their children, they are prone to have mental illness and health issues. They become more irritable, angry, and selfish.
  • Addictions like drugs, alcohol, tobaccos, cigarettes, etc are also the causes of mental illness. When a person does not get these if he is addicted to these and consumes them very frequently they become mad, irritable, or angry.
  • When two persons are married to each other but have a lack of understanding can cause mental illness. Forced marriage can also cause mental illness. So, before getting married, a person should know well about the other person to whom he/she is going to marry. They should discuss, spend some time together to understand each other’s thoughts.
  • The financial crisis is also a cause of mental illness which can also lead to physical health issues. Try to fix it as soon as possible and work hard to achieve your goals.
  • Unfulfillment of ambitions: There are many people who are not able to fulfill their dreams because of restrictions by the family or financial problems.


How to Stop Mental Illness?

Keep your willpower strong that’s the only way to cure mental illness. One should be healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually, only then a person can remain healthy.

There are ways to improve your mental health:

  1. Stop thinking about those things which disturb your mind or you feel low after thinking.
  2. Stop expecting from people. Expectations are the foremost thing that hurt people. Don’t be unhappy if the other person has not reciprocated any favor to you. Don’t expect any favor.
  3. Be independent. Do things for yourself which make you happy and don’t be dependent on people and wait for what they will be doing for you. Think that you don’t need anyone. Be like, that the people need you. If not, prepare yourself for that.
  4. To become angry, frighten others, to go on arguing are mental weaknesses that you should overcome.
  5. You should always have the feeling of self-confidence, self-respect, and should have willpower.
  6. You should always remember that whatever mental problems we face are experienced by others too. This should bring you peace of mind.
  7. Also, take a good diet and keep yourself healthy physically because if you are physically weak, it can cause mental illness.
  8. We all have ambitions in our life and we want to achieve our goals. However, if you have restrictions from the family or any financial problems, try to find solutions instead of giving up.




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