About Us

When you see a person, who is well-dressed, has good fashion knowledge, healthy and energetic, and does the work with perfection. How do you feel?


I can imagine how do you feel.

My name is Sakshi Sureka, and I’m here to help you with tips and tricks related to your daily life in terms of health, fashion, and lifestyle.

Everybody has basic knowledge but there is a saying that if something is done to perfection, it is done so well that it could not be done any better.

When I started working in my late teens, I kept my studies and my job as my priority. I did not care what my diet should be, workouts, things I should avoid to become healthy, and many more. During that time, I regularly spent my time studying and going to the office. Not only this, I was losing my fashion knowledge, my skills which make me stand out from the crowd. But with time, I realize that there are certain things that we should never forget and keep on priority. Then I started taking knowledge in health and fashion and improving myself.

I believe that studying and working is not the only thing we need to do in our life. Start focusing on health, dressing style, grooming, improve skills, and take interest in activities that help you look different from others. The reason is that these are the things that increase our chances by 80% to fit in beautifully with every environment.

Dressing style and body language is the first impression towards people. When we interact with someone, it shows how active, energetic, and knowledgeable we are. That is how we make our image in someone’s mind.

Don’t worry, I will help you with tips on health, fashion, and lifestyle to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Also, try my best to cover every useful piece of information related to a specific topic.

Feel free to send me an email at sakshi@healthfashionlifestyle.com if you have something to discuss. I’d love to hear from you.